All I wanted was perfectly, beautiful and flawless skin Ive been everywhere but I've decided to stick to just one. Palabyab Skin Clinic is par excellence!
Carmi David - Make Up Artist, Beauty Queen


Traveling to Osaka Sydney and Manila from the USA does little for my skin. Crossing 3 times zones in one day takes its toll on my skin. Neither does it help that I am an avid surfer and skier. Life shows on your face. But Dr. Clare Palabyab is able to hold off the hands of time and reverse most of the damage the sun surf and time have done to my skin I want beautiful skin but am not willing to give up surfing and skiing to obtain it but with the help of Dr. Clare Palabyab I dont have to.
Monica Garcia - Flight attendant


Only Dra. Palabyab touches my skin...
Angelica - palabyab patient


I have been going to the Palabyab Skin Clinic for the past ten years for their treatments and I can honestly say that I look younger now... Even my friends are amazed with my youthful looks...
P.H. - patient from the UK


I've been to many doctors for my recurring eczema to no avail, it was only Dr. Efren Palabyab who was able to cure me permanently...
Nancy Dela Cruz